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We're Stramit Outdoor. 

Launched in November 2022, we were formally known as SOL Home Improvements.

But who are we really?

Well, first up, we’re part of one of the biggest building brand families in Australia. Think Tradelink, Laminex, Oliveri and more.

Secondly, we know its all about you. Many out there just focus on the structure – how high, what colour, etc. But we understand these spaces need to support your life, so we have built a brand that aims to create spaces to add to your life. A new patio for future birthday celebrations, a verandah that makes you house proud, a carport for your prized vintage ride, etc.

We also know that you want something that suits your home and back pocket – something that looks good but won’t cost the earth. You also want to work with a good local business that will look after you, as well as have the ability to play with different products to make your home look even better. You also want to see the product before you invest using our app, as well as obtain detailed paperwork that you can use to support your development application.

So, hopefully we’re better acquainted. Let’s chat today so we can show you what’s possible.

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