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Wanting to protect your jet-ski, boat or car from the harsh Aussie weather? A carport might just be the answer. 

Carports are a great solution for those who value their vehicles as much as their home. Not to mention, they're a great storage option for all sorts of possessions when enclosed. 


How much does a carport cost?

The cost of your new carport will vary greatly, depending on things like the chosen materials, the size, and the complexity of the installation. Your Stramit Outdoor distributor can talk you through all costs involved specific to your design.

Do I need planning permission to build a carport?

It's likely that your new carport will need council approval – however what this looks like exactly can vary depending on the size, height, decking or flooring type used and location on your site. Your Stramit Outdoor distributor can help get this sorted.

Will a carport increase the value of my home?

Yes, in many cases a carport may increase the value of your home. It’s a great way of adding safe vehicle shelter and storage space and can make your home more attractive to potential future buyers.

Is it cheaper to build your own carport?

It can be cheaper to purchase a carport kit and build it yourself, however we recommend this should only be done by experienced installers. If you’ve got the DIY skills needed and want to do your own installation, talk to your Stramit Outdoor distributor about a carport kit option.

What size should a carport be?

Your carport will need to firstly accommodate the vehicle or vehicles you plan to store – both in footprint and in clearance height. It may also be restricted by available space and positioning on your property. Beyond that, it’s up to you and what size you need to create your happy place.

Are your carports made with genuine Australian steel?

Yes, we use COLORBOND® steel, and materials roll-formed in Australia by Stramit. Customisations or accessories may vary in origin – talk to your local Stramit Outdoor distributor if you’ve got any questions about your exact design.

Can I build my own carport?

You can choose to install your own carport, but we strongly recommend only doing this if you’re suitably qualified. Otherwise, Stramit Outdoor distributors work with experienced installers ready to build your happy place for you.

How do I design my carport?

Getting started on your design for carport is easy – even if you’ve only got a vague idea, you can simply chat to your local Stramit Outdoor distributor and they’ll help you out. Things to keep in mind include the size, style, colours and materials you’re after – and most importantly, what your happy place looks like, whether that’s an extra useable or storage space, or simply a safe place for your prized vehicle.

You can also use our Stramit Outdoor Designer App to play with design options and visualise wat you’re getting before you put your money down. Available on Apple and Google Play, or on the web here.

How do I maintain my carport?

Maintaining your new carport is straightforward and low effort. We use quality Australian products that are built to last. However, there are some simple steps you should take in order to care for some materials, such as COLORBOND® steel. You can read more about care and maintenance tips here.

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