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Safety is in our DNA

Our commitment to safety touches every part of our manufacturing business.

Our software allows Licensees to design structures according to relevant national and state/territory building codes. We also manufacture and deliver our products safely, as well as encourage customers to only work with suitably qualified contractors. 

Each and every day, we:

  • Design our patios, verandahs and pergolas to the 2019 National Construction Code of Australia, as well as the AS/NZS 4600-2018, AS/NZS 1170.0,.1,2,3,4-2011, AS2870-2011, AS3600-2018 Australian standards
  • Use software with these building codes and standards pre-programmed
  • Enforce strict safety controls on the Stramit factory floor and track safety performance
  • Only work with responsible delivery contractors and enforce strict safety requirements
  • Make available maintenance tips for specific products.

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